Daewoo Bus - ULF - City/Route Bus

Daewoo BS120CN
Body Builder
UBC / Chiron
Engine / HP
Euro V 335hp
Allison Automatic with retarder
Seating Capacity
53 passenger - Metro Seating
Stock No.


The BS120SN two axle bus is an ultra low floor city bus with standard wheel chair ramp entry. Standard configuration is front entry with optional centre door available. Air conditioning and electronically controlled air suspension with kneeling is standard. Seating is up to 53 with up to 21 standees.

Available with either imported or Australian bodies

Daewoo Bus

15 Saggart Field Road - Minto NSW 2566
Phone: (02) 9603 2900

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Why Choose Daewoo Bus ...

  • Daewoo Bus produces buses in seven countries around the world.
  • Daewoo Bus has 11 factories and 15 Sub Assembly Partners world wide.
  • Daewoo Bus exports to over 51 countries world wide.
  • Daewoo Bus produces over 16,000 buses per year.
  • Daewoo Bus bodies are engineered by Australians for Australians.
  • Daewoo Buses are predominantly built using Australian components and materials.
  • Daewoo Bus offers Australian built quality, performance, reliability and value for money.
  • Daewoo Bus offers 24 hour technical support and parts supply
"We don't aim to satisfy,
we strive to be the best"