Daewoo Bus - 3-axle School/Charter Bus

Daewoo BH117L3
Body Builder
UBC / Chiron
Engine / HP
Euro V 430hp
Allison T450R Auto with retarder
Seating Capacity
68 or 71 Passenger - Safety Belted
Stock No.


The BH117L3 Three axle bus is available in 13.3 or 14.3 metre overall length, with up to  71 seats. Underfloor through bins, airconditioning, radio P/A and reversing cameras are standard fitment on all models. Seating fitted to customer’s requirements. 

Daewoo Bus

15 Saggart Field Road - Minto NSW 2566
Phone: (02) 9603 2900

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Why Choose Daewoo Bus ...

  • Daewoo Bus produces buses in seven countries around the world.
  • Daewoo Bus has 11 factories and 15 Sub Assembly Partners world wide.
  • Daewoo Bus exports to over 51 countries world wide.
  • Daewoo Bus produces over 16,000 buses per year.
  • Daewoo Bus bodies are engineered by Australians for Australians.
  • Daewoo Buses are predominantly built using Australian components and materials.
  • Daewoo Bus offers Australian built quality, performance, reliability and value for money.
  • Daewoo Bus offers 24 hour technical support and parts supply
"We don't aim to satisfy,
we strive to be the best"