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Daewoo Hybrid Goes into Service


On Feb 15th, a handing-over ceremony for Clean Diesel Hybrid Bus of 4 units was held at the Ulsan plant of Daewoo bus
in Ulsan City, where Korea Machinery Institue, Oil industry Association and officers of local government in Seoul, Daegu,
Daejon, Busan participated.

This Clean Diesel Hybrid City Bus of 4 units will be put on actual bus routes in Seoul, Daegu, Daejon and Busan.

Clean Diesel Hybrid Bus utilises diesel and electric power and its hyrid power brings fuel savings up to 40% and
reduces exhaust gases up to 20% compared to existing CNG buses.

Coming May, 2011, 4 units of clean diesel hybrid inter-city bus will be delivered to local governments in Korea
and will be put on actual bus routes.