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Crunch'n Numbers
Nowra Coaches has taken delivery of the first three Daewwoo “Jumbos”.

Faced with the problem of replacing an ageing fleet of bendy buses that operate on school runs, and carry around 100 passengers, John King was searching for options. To carry that many kids would require 2 buses and an extra driver.

With already 9 Daewoos in his fleet John approached Daewoo Buses for a solution. After weighing the options it was decided to invest in a new model chassis that would be capable of doing the job. The BH117L4 chassis was touted to john as a possible replacement.

Daewoo developed the new chassis powered by a 316Kw (430Hp) V6 Doosan engine coupled to an Allison T450R transmission and wearing a dual tyred pusher third axle, the new chassis has a GVM of 23,600Kg. Daewoo teamed with Custom Coaches to develop a 14.5 metre body that would seat 71 and stand 29 and the first three vehicles are ready to take on the job for the school year beginning 2012.

The new Daewoo chassis can accommodate a 13.5 or a 14.5 metre body and is ideally suited to coach, mining and school bus operations.



Pictured Below: Retired Bendy