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Daewoo Moves Up A Notch
Korea is now recognised as a world leader in producing high quality, great value products and Daewoo Bus is no exception.
During 2011 Daewoo Buses exceeded all targets set within the company here in Australia.  Although business in Korea through 2011 was
sluggish due to the GFC Daewoo still managed to produce 12,517 units and with things improving, continued growth is expected throughout 2012.

Here in Australia, once again, strong repeat orders were achieved and a growing number of fleets are choosing Daewoo for their replacement
 programmes. Daewoo Buses has focused on customer service, having conducted service training schools both in Australia and in Korea throughout
 the year. These schools have increased  the number of trained technical personnel available to support  Daewoo operators. The dealers have
 been keen to participate in the training scheme and there have been several new appointments of technical support staff.

Daewoo Buses head office has appointed Mr Patrick Vidal in the position of National Customer Liaison & Warranty Manager to co-ordinate
all warranty and customer service enquiries. Patrick comes with a wealth of experience in the heavy vehicle service industry.

Daewoo Bus is receiving  very strong interest from a variety of body builders located both here in Australia, and overseas, to supply chassis to
 their build lines and Daewoo Bus Australia  expects to see considerable growth in this area. 

The release of new models will be a feature of Daewoo Buses activity in 2012. As indicated in this publication last year, the Daewoo BH117L4
 “Jumbo” bus chassis was released into service at the end of 2011. The first 3 vehicles were delivered and are ready for service beginning the
 school year 2012. The “Jumbo” buses were fitted with Custom Coaches SB50 bodies and are licenced to carry 100 passengers to replace ageing
Mercedes bendy buses. There is strong interest in these vehicles and further orders are already in hand for 2012 delivery.

Another new Addition to the Daewoo line up is the BH090 midi chassis. This chassis has a design GVM of over 16,000 Kg. and it will be offered with
 a body to carry up to 45 passengers. This new chassis is designed to cater for difficult road conditions that are experienced in regional Australia.
The first deliveries of the BH090 are expected around April 2012 and there is a secure bulk order in hand for these vehicles which will be bodied
 by UBC/Chiron in Malaysia.

The Daewoo BS120CN low floor city bus chassis has been revised with additional features which make it more compatible with Australian conditions.
 Daewoo Bus expects to be more active in the super low floor market during 2012 and the team at Chiron/UBC has developed a brand new SLF
 body for the launch of the revised chassis.

After achieving a record year for the company, Daewoo Buses is looking forward to continued accelerated growth and further product
 developments that will increase market share. Daewoo will continue to ensure that their vehicles offer the best possible whole of life cost
 benefit to their customers. Daewoo Bus has moved up a notch in the market place by offering high quality vehicles at a competitive price
 with back up service that is second to none.

Pictured Below: Staff From our Sydney Head Office