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Stonestreets Add 12th Daewoo to fleet
Stonestreets buses operating in various locations in Queensland have just taken delivery of another Daewoo bus. This vehicle saw the teaming of Daewoo with Coach Design to produce a vehicle built to Stonestreets specification. This Daewoo chassis is the first BH117L3 in the fleet which is powered by the V6 Doosan engine rated at 320kW (430hp) with a single tyred pusher axle. The Coach Design body is fitted with 54 coach seats and a rear toilet.

The existing Daewoos in the Stonestreets fleet are reported to be returning a 25% fuel saving against some of the other late model Euro V vehicles in the fleet.

This new vehicle is being scheduled on coach charter and extended school charter operations throughout the Stonestreets operation based in Toowoomba.