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10th Anniversary Celebrations for Chiron UBC
The principals of Daewoo Bus Australia ( Ian & Bruce Campbell ) attended the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Chrion UBC at the Evergreen Hotel in Penang Malaysia on December 6th. Also attending were Anne Lesson and Dick & David White representing Daewoo Bus Queensland.

The celebration was a lavish occasion attened by managment and staff from the factory & it included the workers and their partners. There were 250 people in attendance, including representatives from major suppliers. The factory staff is comprised of a multicultural mix from Nepal, Vietnam, India & Thailand to mention some, they were encouraged to wear their national dress. Some of the outfits both male & female were amazingly beautiful & colourful. A prise was awearded to the best dressed male &female.

Everyone in attendance received a celebration UBC jacket & there was a raffle for TV's, washing machines & other appliances that were drawn amongst the factory staff.

The evening was enjoyed by all & UBC/Chiron is planning continued growth in the coming years.

chiron 10