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Daewoo Delivers
After taking delivery of his first Daewoo school bus in June 2013, when it came to time to replace another vehicle in his fleet, Shaun Walker from Bellengin on the NSW North Coast chose another Daewoo.

Shaun has been very happy with the all-round performance of the Daewoo/UBC combination and after considering other options decided on another Daewoo.

 The new bus was built to a similar specification as the first bus and it was delivered ready for work early in November 2015. The chassis is the popular Daewoo BH117L fitted with a UBC body with Styleride 3 X 2 Solution seats able to carry 57 adult passengers or up to 83 school children.

The new vehicle was delivered by Daewoo Bus Customer Liaison/Warranty Manager Patrick Vidal.

Picture shows Patrick handing the keys over to Shaun at his Bellingen depot.
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