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Spheros Air Conditioning Serivce School



 Daewoo Buses recently conducted a service school for the new “SPHEROS” air conditioning system which is supplied with the chassis directly from Daewoo Korea.

“SPHEROS” is a German company with manufacturing plants around the world. The bus air conditioning is a climate control system with excellent heating and cooling capacity. 

The school was conducted by technicians from the “SPHEROS” Germany head office and from the Singapore regional office.

SPHEROS is the bus air conditioning market leader in Europe and South America and they are targeting Asia and Oceania with an innovative, very low maintenance, high performance and competitively priced bus air conditioning system. The introduction of EuroV and EuroVI emission standards has led to an increase in chassis weights and SPHEROS has developed light weight units to help with weight off sets. 

The school was conducted over a 2 day period at the Sydney Daewoo Bus facility at Minto.

Attending the service school were technicians from appointed service dealers and technical back up staff from Daewoo Buses Australia.

The service training school covered all of the technical aspects of the system to ensure that local technicians can accurately diagnose, and quickly rectify any faults that may occur in service.